Friday, April 25, 2008

Naked Blondes and Jackson Pollock

Today was a buh-u-ti-ful day in Chicago! Gusty but warm and partly sunny. The air smelled of summer, the clouds were ominous at times. The sun burned thru some of that. Sometimes it rained a bit.

I've been out all day - twice to the fountain in Lincoln Sq and then the park this afternoon. We greeted and hung out with almost every dog along the way (Aislin loves doggies). When we thought the rain was finally going to win out, we high tailed it home for some creative fun! Thanks to my friend, David, at the Palette and Chisel who, smitten by my daughters, gave them his red tool box filled with old acrylic paints and some plastic painting knives.

The photo of Ais on the slide was taken by Indigo! Great job Inderella!

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