Sunday, February 1, 2009

A day in the snow

Yes, I stood in that line to fork over $70 for a lift ticket + ski rental for one lousy day.

It's nice to chat on the ski lift. Skiing is a good way to get to know someone better. All you single boys out there. Pony up and take your girl on a ski trip! You'll have plenty of time to talk about stuff on the ski lifts.

I didn't learn to ski until I was an adult. I was a youth chaparone to Steamboat, Colorado.

I had never skiied in my youth, despite multiple opportunties, because it's so darn expensive. We didn't have much growing up and I knew the value of a buck. I wasn't spending $50 hard earned babysitting and house cleaning bucks on an afternoon of falling and unrequited athleticism. Back then I liked the outdoors just as much as I do now, mind you. I didn't ski for the same reason I wasn't an artist (too expensive and I'd probably enjoy it. So why start... bad advice).

Fast forward to now. I have a few ski trips under my belt. New Hampshire, Massachusetts, more Steamboat, Snowy Range, Wyoming, Wisconsin (Sunburst) and now Devil;s Head. I'm skiing black diamonds now and loving it! Although I need my own boots. Fit makes all the difference I"m finding.
I went with my friend, singer and fellow mama, Emily. I so enjoyed hangin out in the snow, in the woods, outside and then skiing ferociously (at times) down the bluff. Emily is a good skier and made skiing down a fast slope look like a stroll in the woods. SERIOUSLY! (Em, that one was for you)

A HUGE shoutout to my sister, Cindy. She lives near the ski resort and let us crash at her house the night before. It was like a bed and breakfast! She had wine for us upon arrival and made pumpkin pancakes with maple/pecan syrup and sausage - which she de-fatted for us! Woohoo! She is experiencing a little empty nest syndrome. So let's take advantage of it! Anyone want to hit the slopes with me? Let's do it while Cindy is cooking! Thanks Tia!