Friday, July 24, 2009

Urban Adventure

We took our bikes on the L. Indi took her 2-wheeler and I had Ais in a
seat on my bike. We transferred at Belmont to Red Line on our way to
Wendella - Mag mile and Chi river. We made it w time to spare. A huge
thanks to the indie looking young man who carried my mommy bike all
the way up the subway stairs to daylight. I had indi's and indi was a
good big sis and held Ais's hand

Girls got bored w the 1hr boatride after 30 mins. Pretty good! So
explored the boat and hit the potty at least 4 times. Their fav piece
of architecture on the tour? Navy pier and the bridge houses!

Carefully navigated our way Dow Mag mile to Millenium Park. Tourists!

Had lunch on towels after waiting in potty line again (notice a theme?)
Then off to splash with a zillion other squeling-with-delight kids in
the spitting fountains. So far no pervs, drunks or weirdos. Just
those pesky environmental volunteers asking if I gave 2 mins (and $10)
to save the environment. Grr

I'm taking the 145 x bus on our return. Won't have to worry about the
bikes too much- just load them up front. Trying to get all I can out
of everything they are taxing in Chicago these days. I wouldn't be
surprised if they passed a pollution tax-- farting equals fine.

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Beck. From iPhone.