Monday, November 1, 2010

How much Rice is in your Sushi Roll?

I've read that if you carry small bills in your wallet you willspend
more money. If you carry larger bills you are more conscious of
spending. The same applies to food and dieting.

Grains bloat me and I didn't have access to to Sushi, just Maki
rolls. Trying to avoid grains I methodically peeled the rice layer
off off the spicy tuna roll.

The result?- 12 pieces of maki yielded a staggering 2 CUPS of rice!
The rice pile was also larger than the other stuff. If I ate rice I
would eat 3/4-1 cup, realistically. Roll it around tiny maki and
there's the risk of eating double!

My next experiment...applying this theory to wine. Large pours only!!