Thursday, July 15, 2010

120 lb-Beck Cleanand jerk

Beck Snatch 43kg 3.MOV

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Snatching

I participated in a Summer Olympic Weightlifting Meet at my gym, Windy City Crossfit.  I did ok. Geez, looking at these photos, I need to work on form.  

Although in defense of imperfect form, I was in front of a big crown all by myself on that platform.  All eyes on me and one shot to get the work done.  It's a little nerve racking.  One attempt.  

Snatching is a very technical lift where if you screw up at the beginning of the lift it affects the success of other parts of the lift.  So many steps.  I really love Olympic lifting and that one has to be continuously conscious of form.  Sure any knuckledragger can come in and rip the bar off the floor.  But to do it with grace and correct form is a different story. When done correctly the Snatch, specifically, is a very graceful movement.  

Moving onward and upward.  I hope to post photos of my failed attempts to clean and jerks my body weight (stuck in the hole at the bottom of the catch).  I tried to bounce out of it but couldn't. Just too heavy.   Sad thing is that I know if I would have gotten out of the hole, I know I can jerk it.  My problem is opposite for most chicks.   I've got a long femur; my hip flexors are muscular from trying to move that long bone.  But my quads need some help.

I'm going to work heavy front squats for the next six weeks to see how my strength improves.   I started the day after the meet.  It even felt heavy.

My goal for this year is to snatch and clean and jerk my bodyweight (about 125lbs).  I'm closing in on that with the Clean and Jerk and think I can get the Snatch there before year-end.    My next goal is to have a qualifying total for National competition.  That could be another year away. 

Here are some snatch photos taken by my friend Cheston Bogue. He had a fancy camera.