Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mega logged!

My 2 year old is potty training. One thing she likes to do, on her own, is change clothes - all of them. Bless her for putting her one-hour worn clothes into her little clothes hamper. Sometimes the diaper is still stuck in her pants when placed in said hamper.

While transferring clean clothes from the washer to the dryer, I happened upon a disposable diaper. It had gone through the entire wash, rinse and spin cycles. And remained intact, albeit waterlogged to the max. They are Target brand diapers. If they can handle that kind of beating think of how well it will handle a gallon of your kid's pee. :-)

So I think Target should send me a little something-something for this shout out. Here's my letter to them. I'll keep you posted about the results.
Dear Target:
I accidentally washed a Target brand disposable diaper. It was completely intact after all the cycles of washing; to my utter amazement. I am a blogger and have many mommy friends who may give Target diapers a shot after reading about my successful, although happenstance, experiment. I spend a lot of money at your store on diapers and basically everything else. Please consider donating some diapers to me for giving your brand a huge shout out on my blog (www.beckanstee.com). Thank you for your kind consideration.


4 explorers in an expanding universe:

Roxanne said...

this is hilarious!! Good for you for asking, it never hurts, I have gotten many a free things!! I woudl even walk over to eth petersen store with letter in hand and talk to a manger :) Happy free diaper huntin'!

Beck said...

Target's response:
"At Target, we're proud of our giving program and pleased that you've asked us to make a donation to you. I'm sorry for any disappointment, but we can't help from our office"

Then they instructed me to go to their store to speak with a Grant Captain. Ok, I'll try it.

Lola said...

Oh, I'm all about this kind of thing. Good for you!

Greg, Nicole, Charlotte and Elijah said...

I wish I could share your excitement about Target brand diapers. Why is it that when Charlotte wears them she ALWAYS leaks!?!?! (And with other brands she doesn't.