Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Painting

This past weekend there was an awesome blizzard! It just snowed and snowed all day Friday and Saturday. I went plein air painting Sat AM and realized two things: 1) I had a hard time walking thru Humbolt Park because the snow was so deep and 2) It was snowing hard and the wind pretty much froze your face and anything else in in it's path. As a watercolor painter I made small talk with the only other painter out that AM (Go for it Frank DePalma!) and then headed back home.

It was gorgeous in Humbolt Park. The boat house veiled in the falling snow. Ducks made their way across the frozen pond afoot. And die hard dog walkers allowed their dogs to make their way thru the deep snow. I'm glad I know how to dress for this weather.

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Judybec said...

Wow! looks really cold Brrrrr....
I'm painting today--inside-- and then putting the wet paintings outside -- I'm trying to see if I can get a crystal pattern in the paint. No luck yet. Our temp is 13 degrees at 4 pm. VERY cold for us her in PA. I'll keep trying! Your blog came up when I googled "painting with ice" :)

Beck said...

Judy - you probably won't get this but in case you do.

If you're working in watercolor, wet the paper first and let it sit until it loses it's shine. Then quickly load up your brush and paint. Depending on the temp this will make ice crystals form. If not, just wet your paper and then paint immediately.

I tried this last year and blogged about it. They are some of my FAV pieces. I also did more ice painting and blogged in Dec 08

Roxanne said...

Beck- only you can rock that Eskimo get up and look adorable!! You are a better woman than I ...if I was in Chicago I would be eating comfort foods on my couch waiting for the spring :)