Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sunday, 3/15/09 - COVER Chicago SunTimes - I'm not even Irish

Everyone is wearing green and drinking at noon on this fair day in Chicago. It's a great surprise to me to find me and my girls on the front page of the Sunday, Chicago SunTimes. I knew we'd be in it as we were interviewed but to be on the cover - WOW. A huge holla to my neighbor, friend and overall super-person, Stephanie Zimmerman. She's a rock. She met Roger Dahltry twice and didn't sleep with him. haha. Chris Sweda the photo journalist hung out with us for an afternoon; ran errands, helped wrangle kids and never raised his voice once! At a boy, Chris. It was a pleasure to have you. Indi and Aislin were angels. They played independently, and were their usual charming selves. Indi turned into a bit of a green monster when Aislin was awake and in the picture. She demonstrated this by continually placing her hand in front of Aislin's face whenever the photographer took a photo. Stinker. Maybe that's why there are no photos with the face of Ais! It's OK, she's only two and the world isn't quite ready for her beauty. Inside and out.

So how did this come about? Stephanie Zimmerman, aforementioned rock, called me up and casually asked if I was available. As grocery shopping is akin to many mundane tasks of motherhood, I enthusiastically agreed. She said someone would call to set up the photos. they called 4 minutes after I got off the phone with Steph (luckily I answered it) and then it all was in motion. I had no clue it would be on the front page until I asked Chris Sweda (photojournalist) where the story might be placed. He paused and said "uh, the front page". I was in shock but thought it was so fun. Chris, BTW knew a gal I went to HS with, Sarah Murphy. I just thought of her, literally, 3 days ago. I thought, shoot I should have had her teach me some tennis back in the day. Small world.

Don't worry all this media attention won't go to my head. Last year I pounded the pavement and landed a big 6 minute interview for the PAPC ( - my painting group. When the segment aired, I was not in it. I was interviewed but they forgot to turn on my mic. No beck to be found anywhere. So this SunTimes interview is like karma. It's coming back to me and good. Does this mean that people who owe me phone calls will return them... likely NO - but's this is enjoyable nonetheless. I'm so proud of my girls!

Finishing the wine and eating rye toast... Beck out.

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Sally said...

You're awesome! You look so good on the cover of the Times. Way to go Beck!

Roxanne said...

Beck- WOW! how cool? we are both Sun Time famous mamas but you fame completely overshadows my like page coverage way back!! Congrats fun to get kudos for the Mama tasks we do everyday. YOu all look great!

Scott said...

You rock the Times! You've saved the Chicago newspaper industry.