Saturday, August 8, 2009

A few days in New Orleans

Thurs 8/6- I comfortably arrive to the muggiest place in the USA. My
sweat glands were sweating. I check into the ritz Carlton - elated
and impressed and seek out a toenail polish change. My last job got
smeared working out - grr. Nothin makes a girl feel cheaper than ugly
toes. Feet shod with class I head for happy hour in the fancy hotel
lounge and restaurant - the Melange. Enjoyed a wonderful meal of
redfish and lobster risotto. As well as the bars personally invented
cocktails. Blueberry and Basil muddled w sugar in vodka. Delicious!
Hit "the Library" for a cigar. Got a wondeful recommebdation on a
lovely cigar. Which I smoked, in it's entirety, in the humid inner
courtyard at the Ritz. One really need never leave the place. They
have everything. I has a few older gentleman smokers join me. I was
the only one out there except a few couples intwined in their own
conversations. Film and video convention in town. Lots of polos and
khakis. I was in tattered jeans and a tank top. It screamed rock n
roll. And as we all know, rock n roll is for the young. So I had that
going for me

Fri 8/7 - tried to sleep in but my heart was pounding inside my chest.
It was a cacophony blaring. I hydrated and tried to brush the tobacco
cotton mouth ling my mouth -- to no avail. Got dressed, made hotel
coffee and headed out to explore the big easy!

It was hot. I was dripping sweat within minutes. Pouring. I walked
down the main drag and headed to the grand Mississippi! The river
itself is impressive. Churning barges bustled up and down the
rivetway. It's a true causeway. Had biengets and coffee at the in
famous Cafe Dumond. It was packed. The service was slow. The servers
were exclusively Asian or old women. They patiently waited in line to
get my coffee and fried dough. Onto a 2 hour steamboat ride aboard the
Natchez. Hit Flea market and lower French quarter. Scooped up
interesting gifts for the kids then made my way back to the Ritz using
the riverfront cable car. Checked out Saks, made a potty stop then my
melted self made it back to homebase. Phew! This heat takes a lot
outta you.

Refreshed, made up and ready to go I headed to Frenchman for sushi.
Finally out of the hustle and bustle of downtown! The housing is
tight. Homes are old, old and have gorgeous functional gas lights
burning. It is very charming. Street very quiet. I walked the 1.5
miles back to the hotel and crashed

Sat 8/8

Checkout at noon. I sleep and languish in bed til 10. Hit ihopr at
noon for awesome breakfast. Hopped St Charles cable car to Garden
District. There is a crazy Red Dress race going on it's really a
stroll. Women and men are all wearing red dresses Nd drinking alcohol.
It's hilarious. The race route bisects our path so I've been sitting
here for about 30 min - blogging. Time to get out and walk

Oh yeah. I walked Bourbon and Royal streets. They suck!!! Bourbon is
all strip clubs. It backs up to Royal which is all antiques. I hated
it. Cramped old. Smell of urine and with the looming premonition of a
foreboding con. But I saw it. Now onto the arts. Airport and
alligator claws for the kids

Still gave lots more to see. Such a unique place.

Beck. From iPhone.

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Scott said...
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Scott said...

What kind of cigar? Cohiba, Macanudo, a Blunt? A cigar is like a window to the carcinogens.

Justin said... didn't mention the smell of vomit boiling in the streets.

Roxanne said...

sounds fab...I feel you on the heat, take a lot out of you. You are an urban explorer!!