Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paleo fakeouts for Kids

I have 2 lovely daughters; Aislin (3.5) and Indigo (6.5). The older
heavily influences the younger. Indigo only eats things that are
beige. This is my observtion. There aren't many nutricious "beige"
foods out there. As a Mom, and hosehold nutritional ninja, I struggle
to find ways to get Indi to eat balanced. Why? Because I see the
effects of the rise and fall of her insulin response. It looks pretty
grumpy and sounds worse. Poor thing, it can't feel much better
either. Indi's poor nutrition choices and preferences effect
Aislin's response too. Ais eats pretty much anything and loves
broccoli and edamame and fruit. But, like her mother and sister-the
call of a Dinkel's cupcake is kryptonite. I'm all for it occasionally-
it's fun!

Solution: super smoothies
This recipe has gotten a favorable response from both kids.

1 snack size, full fat yogurt any kind
4 coarsely chopped strawberries
Big handful of fresh spinach
1 large egg (outside washed)

Add all items into a blender and serve

I especially love my blending wand for all smoothies

Yes, raw eggs. Hum the "Rocky" theme. I think raw eggs are just fine.
Just remember to wash them. It's sterile on the inside - germs come
from the outside shell. Let me know if you like it, I have more
recipes involving pumpkin.


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Scott said...

Psst...raw egg is the secret ingredient in Orange Julius, too.