Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blog Roll -PaNu

www.panu.com is a blog written by Dr. Kurt Harris. One focus of the blog is epigenetics:  how outside factors effect gene expression (food, exercise, pollution, etc).  And specifically how one's diet effects gene expression hence overall health. 

A simple example of epigenetics is during pregnancy, obstetricians mandate that preggo moms take at least 1200mg of Folic Acid daily to prevent spinal bifida.  Folic Acid being the agent affecting the genetic expression of the gene that makes one's spinal cord come out straight as opposed to crooked.  

PaNu is one of the paleo nutrition blogs that I read and enjoy.  It can be science-y. Dr. Harris is a pracitcing medical doc with a personal interest in this stuff.    His lastest blog post is a great one.  He really outdid himself with the metaphor.  Anytime a scientists comes up with such an effective metaphor for a complex biological system, he must be given high praise.  So snaps to him.  Check it out here.   

One thing is sure:  our bodies, metabolism, gene expression, etc are NOT linear.  They do not things in a specific order everytime.  It's not a chaotic system.  I don't know how it is organized really, but the more I read and learn, the more that comes to light for me regarding food:  Fake food is not nutrition.  And after eating whole foods (even non organic ones, etc) I feel so much better.  And look better too.  More on that later.

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