Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Decorations

My sister, Sally, asked me to post pictures of my holiday decorations.  Instead I'm including a small picture essay of things we've done this holiday season.  I have not been the best photo taker but hope to improve this in the new year.  Me and the girls have had some really fun times.

Merry Christmas!

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bar cookies.  Our fav!  We use mini candy bars b/c they pack better than Hershey's kisses.  Yes and I said "pack" but truly, they don't last long enough to pack.

After sectioning off part of the front window, I had the girls paint winter scenes in acrylic paint.  I peeled the tape away for an easy, festive decorative touch. The girls loved it too.  They felt a bit rebellious for painting on the glass window.   Why not?!

I love poinsettias.  Every year on Black Friday, Lowe's sells them for $1/each.  I bought 15, gave away some as gifts and used about 10 to decorate the house, including each of our bedrooms.  Yikes, I think both photos are of Indigo as a baby.  Poor Ais.  Gotta swap that out pronto.

I love the Christmas Village. I also have a wooden Nativity set complete with animal figurines, a manger and hay.  My children love it and I think it's a very practical way to make the Christmas story real.  As a kid I loved setting up our Nativity set.  It was that odd paper mache stuff from the 60s with glitter.  It lasted, somehow.  I recently inherited a ceramic lighted Christmas village set from someone who was throwing it all out in it's protective original packaging!  Thanks Chris.  It's given us some charming holiday light.

Merry Christmas.

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Sally said...

Thanks for posting all the pics and the stories. I finally sat down in my quiet house to experience your adventures. How did the Christmas supper turn out? We didn't talk about that :) I think I'll do some cupcakes for an upcoming family night. Thanks for the insight. Love ya tons. Sally