Sunday, September 16, 2007

Running is for flightless birds

Did you know that Ostrich's are flightless birds? They can RUN at speeds up to 45 mph! I bet they don't care. They're birds. They're probably depressed because they can't fly like their cronies. And they're really ugly. Poor ostriches.

Some of you know that I am a former college athlete and former mile runner. I never liked running. It just seemed to suit me. Like stink on ugly. I never appreciated it. Running sucks. Just ask my friend, Roxanne, a marathon-runner-in-training. Shuh, you can ask anyone and you'd probably get the same response. Running blows! Regardless of how I feel, I made some running goals this summer. First train and run a 10K (6.2 mi) in 1 hour.

Check, did it! Next, earn my Chick's Run technical tee from racking up 50 miles. Earned only each Wed night at Fleet Feet Sports. Check that!. Most recently I ran 10 miles with Rox who was running 20 (the mile marker says 8.5 mi, but we started 1.5 miles before the marked path began).

Good lawd and oy vey. It was a sympathy run for Roxanne/a much needed fitness goal for me. Poor Wox had 20 miles to run for her marathon training. Previously during one of her longer runs her mp3 player ran out of battery power 1 hour into a 3 hour run. I thought, the rubber is meeting the road with our friendship, I can help with the 20 miles. I can talk incessantly to her 10 of those lonely miles! Hey, what are friends for? :-) It could only motivate her to finish - and fast! Just kidding. As I traveled back to my car on the "L" Rox called. Yes, she called me - around mile 18, while running. She could still speak.

10 consecutive, non-stop miles was a new accomplishment for me completed in the wee early morning hours this past Saturday morning. Woo hoo. I don't think I've made peace with running yet. I'm toying with perhaps trying to once again run a 5 minute mile (1500m). Not sure my osteoporotic bones can handle the jarring, or my boobs, for that matter. But I have duct tape for both. Or maybe, I'm just a like the flightless bird; I want to soar but have to settle for running fast.


3 explorers in an expanding universe:

Bruce/Sal said...

what a runner!

Bruce/Sal said...

You're awesome Beck. Mom says you are SKINNY. I agree. You look great!

Roxanne said...

I think you, your joints, and your boobs did awesome! You are such a an awesome friend for running with me- and you are a rockstar for finishing 10- wanna do 12 this saturday? :)