Friday, September 14, 2007

Toxic or Truth?

I secretly delight in my guilty pleasure of dorkiness. I'm a dorklette.

I also love color! I love wearing bright colors. I love seeing bright colors. I also like interesting perspectives; visual, philosophical or flat-out mental. When I first saw this photograph I was drawn like a moth to an open flame! Like George Hamilton to unfiltered sunlight! What the heck was I looking at?

I made a pencil drawing, a water color painting, a color printout onto a large transparency from my painting. I'm obsessed! (The photo was taken underwater where a hot spring (green) meets a river, colored brown, from tannins. Apparently, it's also a nice place to swim).

I had ideas to create an art installation based on this image! Until --I showed it to my artsy friends (very nice and very artsy). They thought it looked "toxic!". Hmmm. Gosh I never thought of that! I was seduced by the color and perspective that I failed to notice the obvious... it looks like burnt-black silhouettes floating on tubes in nuclear sludge. However, perhaps because I knew what I was looking at, I saw something much more philosophical. I saw the brown of an old river merging with the fresh, deep waters of it's source. Kind of like meeting it's maker. Only the light of the sun could bring out the truth of this visual dicotomy. My question is: How can we even see the colors? Why aren't the colors obscurred or merky? The photographer must be in a place unaffected by the merge - unmerged! Otherwise it would appear as if we're looking through a brown filter, no? Kinda difficult being that it's all the "same" water!

My thoughts go to God. We are fallen sinners, submerged in the toxic water of sin. Some submerged in the water, some barely have their heads above water. Some are merely floating just above the water. Nonetheless we are tainted by the water. The sun is the light of God illuminating the truth of the situation. Do you think the swimmers know what they are swimming in? I think they are too close to it and can't dicipher it. But the photographer can see it! From some place, she sees it and captures it's truth in film. She had to get into the toxic-looking water to do this. Perhaps putting herself at some personal risk (claustrophobia for sure!). Maybe in this analogy (and I'm just thinking out loud here) Jesus is the photographer.

Jesus submerged himself into humanity by coming to earth to be our propitiation. He did not come to abolish sin (that would take away our free choice, possibly), he came to pay the penalty for OUR sin. Whether we believe it or not. Whether we accept it or not. Jesus submerged in the wretched world saw the truth (how empathetic of him), submerged himself anyways and then gave us the greatest gift of love; reconciliation with God. The only bridge between God and Man. God and me. God and you.

I may be thinking about this waaaaay too much. But I like this shot, even accepting it's toxicity. It's getting displayed in some form, somewhere in my house. I vote for the bathroom! Go Toxic!

I told you I'm a dorklette. Thanks to National Geographic's picture of the day for providing fodder for my otherwise pre-occupied mind!


Map of U.S. nuclear waste containment sites

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Laura S said...

you rock beck. thanks for sharing your dorkelette thoughts!

Jessi said...

Okay, I'm sold. I love your blog and I love your artsy fartsy-ness. If you write it, I will read it.
Kisses, jess V.

Bruce/Sal said...

I thought toxic too! But I do like your insight. I might just use it sometime. It does remind me how we soooo don't think alike. My brain does not go philosophical.

Roxanne said...

Congrats on your blog friendy! I think it is a beautiful picture, I somehow see redemption in it.... Happy ramblings!

Laura said...

Beck, nice to see you in the blogosphere! Keep those mental thoughts coming.

Laura McG