Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ais-base Wins debates for Iowa Caucus!

Ais-base just turned 18 months old. This is the time of her life where her language development is off the hizang!! Over the past week she has really been talking up a storm. She can say and mean yes and no. She asks where things are; “sippy are you?”, “baby are you?”. She is also transitioning into one nap - ugh - still. As she drops a nap, her language picks up. I guess she has to find something to fill the time!

I was barely able to capture this on video as it was take number 4 for her. My regular video camera kept running out of memory! Arrgghh… so I took this with my cell phone. And you thought I only wrote about Indigo! Enjoy!
This could also win the soundbite of the year award!

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Roxanne said...

that is sooo clear-crazy Ais!!SHe and Anni can have some convos soon :) Happy New Year girl!