Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm giong to be in an art show!

Above photo of me taken by Indigo

Dec. 8 - Wicker Park - Milwaukee Ave
Sept. 22 - Riverside, IL

Well, it's official. I'm a participant in the 3rd Annual Plein Air Painters of Chicago -Southwest - Show! They paint with the PAPC every other Saturday. I'm not formally a part of their group so it is extremely generous for them to allow me to participate in this show. I was very nervous about entering my stuff. It's important for an artist to show their work, regardless of skill, experience or confidence. This is one of those moments my friend, Laura McGowen, would keep in Lola's lemon bag. She says a person should do something that scares them - everyday. I agree and when I met her I was instantly attracted to her based on that statement alone (it sounds like I want to date her, I know - sorry Lola!). We all blunder forward.

How about a trip down memory lane? Above you will see my most recently completed painting. It's across from the John Fluevog (kick butt shoes) store on Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park. It was extremely cold that morning. My hands and feet were freezing despite feeling that I "bundled up". I finished the Spex (eyeglasses) building and the back ground stuff in the studio. But the overall composition, Fluevog bldg, the streetscape were all done en plein air (Freezing!). I wish I had a cool story -- like it was so cold my watercolor paints froze! But that didn't happen. The paints did just fine (I used hot water).

The other painting is my very first painting EVER - done in Riverside, IL on Sept. 22 (or thereabouts). It was a warm Indian Summer day. I had some friends visit me while painting and was a chatty little butterfly. I was grateful for company because I was very nervous. The PAPC painters were extremely inviting and friendly. I had a fun time on both accounts and feel very privileged to be a part of this group.

PAPC - SW show is Jan. 4 through Jan. 31. Opening night and reception is Saturday, January 5th from 6-8pm. They have their very own Gallery.

Many excellent artists are represented at the show. You are all welcome! I'd love to see you there.

Sat., Jan. 5th @ Indigo at the Rialto - 100 N. Chicago Street, Joliet, IL.

Above is my friend, Tracie's house. Some of you may remember her from the Amazing Mama Race. The front windows are off (arrgghh! I asked if she'd return it so I could fix it). I cranked it out as a party gift for her. Regardless, it's such a charming house! A mere 1/2 block from mine.

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Roxanne said...

congrats girl- how awesome! you go from amatuer to pro in no time :) somehow I am not suprised!

Laura S said...

Beck! That is great. I can't make opening night, unfortunately, but will try to get down thataway in January.

Lola said...

That is amazing, Beck! You've inspired me with your persistance. Way to go, girl! I wish I could attend the showing, but I'll be at a wedding downtown that afternoon/evening.

Bex said...

Hi! I somehow found you on Google as I was looking for more 411 on The Sneeze. You ARE right...he's hilarious! The second thing I noticed is that we have similar blog names. Mine is the Blog of Bex ( Funny! Well, I enjoyed your blog and congrats on the art show.