Tuesday, February 5, 2008

There's No Business like Snow Business

I love snow. I love anticipating it. I love watching, listening and smelling it fall. I like society, in general, after it snows. It's for rugged folk. I was THRILLED when Chicago got 4 inches of snow in 3 hours on SuperBowl Sunday. Not like I was watching the game anyhow. It was on in the house... so there, I did my duty to the totally stupid, unfair "organization" that is professional sports (I like baseball in a lesser of the evils sort of way. It provides great metaphor's for life, "sacrifice fly", "runs batted in"). But this post is about snow.

So, it's 9pm on Superbowl Sunday and what am I doing? Gearing up my 4 year old for a walk in the snow of course! We had a GREAT time. It was quiet, but you could hear people talking a block away. That was strange. Snow does weird things to sound. I was hoping to hear some forecasted "snow thunder", but didn't Just had to just make my own. Indigo and I were covered in snow. We trekked to the avenue, the snow hill (a few times), the park gazebo, the park and it's slides, the big-kid swings, a discovered snow fort (that we climbed, claustrophobially, through and then home to hot cocoa!

When I was a kid I used to go outside in any weather. I really enjoyed it. I remember I would go out when it was well below zero - especially at night. Especially on very cold days. I'd bundle myself up and crunch my way around the block. I still remember seeing a halo around the moon from the frozen stratosphere. The eerie quiet, the occasional car driving on the street. Where were they going to or coming from anyways? I LOVED my time spent outside on those crazy, cold winter days. Ahhh. I think I would have enjoyed it all the more had my Mom ever taken me out on those days. I know Indi will remember our adventures. But snaps to my Mom (I think) for allowing me to go out alone - or sometimes with my sister. Snow is magical. Here are some phone photos of our adventures through the neighborhood in the snow.

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Laura S said...

Hey Beck, I like the snow too, except for days like today I have to go places in it. Then, it just stresses me out.

Lola said...

I'm trying to understand the love of snow. It's hard for a girl from SoCal.

Anonymous said...

Hey Beck love the blog--we'll see you out painting soon. Stuart

Roxanne said...

thanx for your post- it makes we WANT to like the snow, maybe I need to hang out with you more.:) what a special time with Indi!!

Bex said...

Ahhh, snow. I am WITH you, home girl! I live in Atlanta, GA so we don't get a lot of it but when we do I drop EVERYTHING and take my kids out to play. Carpe diem, you know??

But the way you describe it...DEAD ON. It has something for all of the senses. You can smell it, taste it, feel it, hear it and, of course, see it. And it changes SO MUCH the perception of everything around you.

And your pictures were great...they really captured it.