Saturday, March 15, 2008

Use your boobs for a good cause

Finally ... La Leche League started marketing bras. They've been around for how long? Breastfeeding is such a wonderful motherly right of passage. There was a time when it was shunned by the medical establishment (a mere old generation before us). So what do these bras look like? Hmmmf, here's the best one, and it has underwire. What were they thinking (milky hooters with underwire?... maybe if you're huge). But hey it's black, woohoo! Sidebar: I'm sporting a milk factory in my profile photo to your right - thank you very much. But my nursing bra was flame red or cerulean blue thanks to my fav nursing bra designer Eve Alexander.
There was a story in the paper -(here in Chicago) approximately 4 years ago, about a mom who was nursing her inconsolable infant in a health club nursery. The manager of the club asked her to stop. Say what? The manager was a woman too. There was a lawsuit - that got settled out of court. Legislation passed 3.5 years ago making it legal to nurse in public in Illinois. So girls, keep fighting for your girls - yes, the gravity-challenged ones. :-)
Now that La Leche is marketing bras -- I'd like to poll my audience: Who among us has used their hooters to make a buck or two? (free drinks don't count) ;-)

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Roxanne said...

i do not think my girls would make me any money sadly but I too am all for Mamas right to nurse away- DId you ever hear of Moms rising? My granola friend got me into their stuff although I am not militant enough to go to nurse ins (with a 3 year old) like some do...but to each her own boobies! :)

Lola said...

I think this is the last month I could ever make money with my girls; I'd better get to work!! I admit they have paved the way for free drinks in the past, though...:) The very, very distant past.

Laura S said...

I never made money on my girls, although I could have while nursing. And yes, when you are HUGE Underwire in nursing bras helps :)