Sunday, March 30, 2008

All I got were Free Socks

Running season has begun here in Chicago. Today I ran a very popular 8K run (Shamrock Shuffle). I ran it with my buddy Brian Mc (physchologist in trianing - literally). I work out like a maniac (2 hours, 4 times a week) and have to say that I did better than he did. No disrespect, Scrub. Hey, I'm in pretty good shape. Seriously folks, I'd like to give major snaps to Brian who picked up running again after a long hiatus. He is a total rock star and kicked the Shamrock Shuffle's butt. He also has some big runs under his belt notwithstanding a Chicago Marathon. He's the real deal. All that while being married, paying a mortgage, getting his Psy.D and planning his internship at Stroger Hospital. He's been my un-blooded bro since high school. Sorry that he is off the market gals. And his wife, Ann, is super-scary smart. I love her. But she knows how to stealthily kill me in my sleep. I'm so glad we get along -- Annicakes! :-)
Nothing like stinging rain to at 36 degrees to get you movin'. We finished the Shuffle in under an hour and then went out for brunch and ate like truck drivers (sidebar: I can do this anytime if the food is good. I like food).
The race was great but I need to vent about getting screwed over by buying a second-hand racing bib. A bib is simply a number on a piece of paper that you safety pin to your shirt on race day. It allows one to "legally" participate in a race. You are really paying to get the t-shirt. I searched high and low on hoping to find a Bib for the Shamrock Shuffle. I was hitting it hard; morning, noon and night.. They were getting scooped out from under me. Finally my number came up. "
"Shamrock Shuffle Bib for Sale - Women's Small" -
Eureka! The seller (a female) wanted me to meet her on Fri night at an estimated time. I was an hour late calling her after our "estimated" time. She sends me a nasty email telling me how rude I was. I call and email back with apologies and that I am still "in". She calls me the next AM and wants to make a transaction. I was swamped and sent my husband Rob and two kids to fetch this bib. She takes $5 off of the already inflated price of the bib (by $15) Rob comes home with a Men's med shirt rather than women's shirt. So I just paid $45 to run an 8K - no wearable tee - !*@$!. There was a coupon for free Nike socks which I redeemed that morning. Ok so I got socks out of it. Oh yeah, and the sweet satisfaction of "thinking" I'm in better shape than Brian (he's like a brother). Next time, I'll skip the tee and run like Forest Gump on the streets. It was fun running around downtown. Chi-town is lookin' sooo good. I love this city.
Next up is the Pilgrim Kid Care Fun Run/Walk (5K) on April 19th! All proceeds go to Pilgrim School KidCare; an organization that educates elementary school kids about homelessness in Chicago Did you know the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old! Shocking. The Pilgrim kids are making a difference. Kids helping kids. Come out an run!
After that, Soldier Field 10 miler. The finish is on the 50 yard line at Soldier Field - May 24th! You can come out and cheer me on! I'm training! Wow, look at me; I'm like the Tasmanian Devil. Any takers??

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Roxanne said...

great job girl, I like to feel that our 10 miles together got yoru hooked and soon it will be a marathon...if you do it in Tanzania I'll join ya!! Great job girl!! WE NEED to hang out this week!

Kate D said...

Hey Beck, I was going to run a 10K in Michigan in May, but it's on Spike's b-day, so I can't. Maybe I'll do the 10 miler instead??? (I'm currently only doing about 2 miles, so it'll definitely take some training!!!) How fast do you run? When do you train?

Laura S said...

Hey Beck,
I can't do either of those runs with you. Last swim class for JP on the 19th and in NY watching my bro get his graduation on May 24th. Keep me posted of other runs you plan to do this summer. I DO need a goal to train for ;). Also, I am super impressed at your training schedule. That is rock star like!