Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mountain climber

Ais can now climb out of her pack n Play - much to my surprise and to be honest, enjoyment. Go girl. I hope she will use her new found skill in life - grab it by the horns, throw her leg over it and get the hay outta there!
While enjoying a much needed summer break at the beaches in southwestern Michigan (Harbor Country) I had a unique experience. My 2 year old, Ais, was put down for a nap in her pack n play. Her grandpa was "watching her" - hanging out while she napped. He heard her talking to herself and laughing and all the fun stuff toddlers do to amuse themselves. He didn't enter her room for fear of getting her worked up. When I came home (from the beach) he mentioned that she didn't sleep and "got into my purse". When I looked at her - her lips and the surrounding skin were COVERED in 12 hour lipstick. Hmmm.
Upon inspection of my room , Ais went thru my purse alright. She smeared my red, 12 hour lipstick all over her face (which remained there for a day), ate 12 pieces of gum (I know this because she wadded up each wrapper and put in an empty rigid tote that resembles a trash can *god bless her for this*) The tampons were unwrapped, the credit cards strewn about the room. The cash remained in it's original place - somehow.
Oh, but there's more - somehow she got to the top of that highboy dresser. She grabbed a ziploc bag full of baby medicine, thermometer, etc. She wrangled open a foil-backed Baby Tylenol and ate it (I could tell because it was covered in slobber). Evidence shows she attempted to eat another but gave up the fight. She threw thermometer covers all over the bedroom. A TV was sitting on a low stand. There was a 4 inch corner of the stand available for her little feet to climb. That has to be the only way she could reach the ziploc. What a determined little stinker.
She's OK, I had to laugh and be thankful for such a vivacious little chica. Couldn't find my camera when this happened but hope you enjoy the story.

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Laura S said...

What a crazy little girl! Such a fun story though. Great new skill!