Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer is Finally here!

Have any of you Midwesterners caught some of the grand weather we've been having? There have been some nice rainstorms following hot, muggy summer afternoons. Collision of pressure systems and storms! Lightening!

It's been the kind of weather where you're outside all day. Then the wind starts to blow progressively harder and harder. You don't mind because it feels good and fresh (as an urban dweller I forget the freshness of fresh air - but like farts from a pretty girl - you know it when you smell it). I encourage my kids to play in the rain with me (I know it sounds like forced poetic drivel -but it's true). Why be afraid of getting wet? Nothing like splashing in bare feet, getting dirty and gritty calves from said splashing and then trying remove wet clingy clothes. Remember that! Photo above was taken over my neighbor's house, across the street!
I'll be a better blog soon, I promise -

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