Monday, August 4, 2008

McGyver at the Tender age of 2

It's August in Chicago. That means that it's hot, really hot - and humid. On days like this the TV goes on in our house and remains permenantly on PBS Kids. It's an outright battle to peel the kids away from the tube for menial things like, food. They argue, cry, etc. I've done what the smart moms have done for eons; turn off the TV to go out or do something fun. They turn it back on. I turn off the power to the entertainment armoir (sounds like a kinky room - "entertainment armoir). But both kids have learned to turn that back on. Finally, I pulled out the armoir, and yanked out the plug entirely. Guess what, a little 5 year old arm learned how to plug it back in. I know this not because I saw her do it but because I, all of a sudden, heard the TV back on. Such a sneak.

Now, my 2 year old hasn't mastered replugging in the TV (thank goodness). But she has mustered all the electronic and electrical knowlege she has. She took out the cables to the Wii and plugged them into the TV thinking it would make the TV go on. Wow, I was impressed. I shouldn't be surprised when she starts stripping cables and hotwiring our car.

3 explorers in an expanding universe:

Lola said...

This is hilarious!!

Laura S said...

Such a smarty. Joshua loves electronic things too. My father in law is a electrical engineer who loves to come up with crazy wiring things, maybe in a year or two we should have electricity camp at my house with Chuck teaching them how to make alarm systems. :)

Roxanne said...

I love Ais- base- she cracks me up, so glad I FINALLY got to catch up on your blog!! Busy & fun summer! We could use Ais and her mad-bootleg skills here to maybe get SOMETHING to work :) not that I miss Chicago or anything :) Kiss those girls for us, LOve you!