Saturday, October 20, 2007

Truly Amazing!

This past Friday evening marked the first "Amazing Mama Race". It's a race created and organized by myself and partner in crime, Roxanne. Uh oh, Beck and Roxanne together - another crazy caper! This time we roped all the mamas we knew into our fun! This was an outing originally organized as a Mom's night out for our Mom's group. But we opened it up to the other mamas in our life. The race visited various businesses in Lincoln Square. At each location the mamas had to complete specialized tasks; from martial arts to eating sushi. After the race, the mamas returned to my house for some food and fun. We made smores in a backyard firepit. Not a common occurrence in the heart of the city. My daughter, Indigo, was a huge help and a wonderful hostess! Thanks Indi! My husband, Rob, also played a big role, managing the home front and heating up the ovens while I was out orchestrating the race. Thanks Rob! My mom and sister, Cindy, took one for the team having dinner at Garcias while racers tried to find them asking only "mama caliente?" (hot mama? in Spanish). Thanks gals!

Roxanne of course, being on an equal plane of crazy as myself was her fabulous, fun, industrious self. Two snaps up Wox. I must say that I was really impressed by the generosity of donations and participation from Lincoln Square businesses; Costello's, Degerberg Academy, Tank Sushi, Fleet Feet and Starbucks.

My favorite part was setting up tiki torches in Welles Park! Not quite legal after dark but hey I set up in the sand pits! :-) Then of course hearing some of the 'yo mama' jokes the mamas had to tell in order to get their next clue at one of the stations. What a great bunch of fun, energetic women! If you missed it be sure to join us next time!

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Lola said...

You and Rox did a fantastic job, Beck! That was so much fun. I thought my baby might have had a small coronary from all of the running, but how could I NOT run?? Thanks again.