Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stick a Fork in her but she ain't done

As a follow up Marion Jones' appearance on Oprah the other day. What a lucky break for Marion. She is very chatty and, I felt, evasive. There's some love lost between us. I don't quite trust her. She did not admit (again) that she has used steroids. She said she came clean because she could no longer live with the burden of deceit. Hmm, that sounds somewhat self centered. (although OK, in my book).
What needs to be clarified is this:
1) Check fraud.
How did her implication of a check fraud scheme get clumped into a charge of larceny? Is she also guilty of check fraud? If she is, then I think may she needs to do more time, no? I'd like to hear from someone she ripped off.
2) How long did she take steroids and how is she trying to reconcile with her fellow relay team members who were stripped of their medals and records?
I guess I'll find out next Christmas when Marion is out of jail. I think by then, we won't care. I feel bad for her kids tho. No Mom for quite some time. Perhaps the millions she collected from check fraud will make them comfortable.

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