Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Last night I lost my art show virginity - a group show no less. Before all the lechers start salivating, I'll clarify that I'm speaking about showing my paintings - landscapes - composed outside. Artistic nudity only. No flesh, flabby or otherwise, was exposed in the presenting of my work. Ok, I think I'm just digging myself deeper here.
I give major credit to the members of the PAPC-SW, headed by Dr. Rita Rogan, for a wonderful gallery event. It was lovely. Everyone was friendly, chatty and the refreshments were nice. The gallery itself just glowed. The paintings were well displayed and enjoyed by all. There were incredible paintings. I encourage everyone to visit the gallery. The exhibit goes through the end of the month. I also have to add that the location in downtown Joliet is extremely charming. It has a very smooth, comfortable and artsy pulse. I had no idea that existed in Joliet. The city is serious about revitalizing their arts scene. This was a great start.
On the lighter side, I was running late for this event. As a result, my two awesome, vivacious and raucous daughters joined me at the exhibit- waaaay past their bedtime. Those stinkers slept on the drive out and were awake the entire ride home! Fortunately, Rob attended as well and did a great job wrangling the stallions with help from a few friends. The PAPC-SW gallery's formal name is "Indigo Gallery". Well, so is my firstborn. Indigo was saying she was at "her gallery". It was so cute. She is beginning to read and recognized the spelling of her name on the leaflet. BTW, Indi is also wearing a dress that I designed and made for her! She chose to wear it in support of my big night. What an awesome kid! Just when I think she is just all demands and tantrums, she pulls an ace out her sleeve.

I had a lot of support that evening, to my great surprise (no offense anyone, but Joliet is "out there"). My mom, sister Abbey and nephew came by. My sweet friends, Rox and Laura S came together. And my in-laws showed up too. I think that's a spectacular turn-out considering they all drove from the city, or close to it.

I have no idea if any sales were made that evening, but there were definitely many worthy works of art worth plunking down your hard-earned cash.

On the personal side I'd like to add that my stud-painter friend Sergio Rocha was right. I should be showing my stuff. Skill and experience aside. Any painting, drawing or garment (I have a background in fashion design) should be shown to the public with pride. It's a humbling experience to do so but the returns are great. Toss that into Lola's lemon bag!

When I got home, I found that Indigo had baked a celebratory cake (she'd be a cupcake if she had the magical powers to do so). The inscription on the cake read "Mom Gallery". Aww, how sweet. I had cake for breakfast - and so did Indigo (Hmm, she's getting quite clever).

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Lola said...

What an awesome evening, Beck! Congratulations. Okay, I have another quote for you that seems applicable:
"Creativity is maximized when you're living in the moment." You are, indeed!

Bex said...


Congrats on the art show! That seems so cool/awesome/brave/fun! I am Crafty Retarded so I totally look up to someone like you! It sounds like a different language to me...make a dress...huh?! what?! Paint something beautiful others would like to look at...crazy talk. I will settle for living vicariously through folks like you!

Take care and enjoy your post-show after glow! (hey...that rhymes...)


Roxanne said...

You are a rockstar- I am inspired by YOU to try new things and take risks. You are an amazing mom & woman and now you can add artist to your already ridiculously long resume of talents. If I did not love you so much I might have to hate on you!

Beck said...

Thanks Everyone! You're all so generous.

Rox - let's face it... many of the great things I've done have been done with you! Ok, time to one-up me before Africa. Maybe we can do a one-up together. :-)

Greg, Nicole, and Charlotte said...


I second all above comments! it sounds like it was a fabulous, rockin, good time! I'm so proud of you!