Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 miles Purple Swingset

No, the title is NOT the name of the hottest rockband or lost memories of a bad drug trip. Although having recently found a band call "Don't Wake Aislin" I should research before I articulate. I digress.

Phew! What a busy Memorial Day weekend it was for me! I met my goal of running in the Soldier Field 10 miler. My goal was to run the race under 1:40:00 (10 minute miles) and not to stop. I ran it in 1:35:00 (9 1/2 minute miles). Woo hoo! It was a looooooong run. But the weather was gorgeous that day in Chicago and made it that much more enjoyable.

Observationally, I'll have to say that every woman in that race was pretty fit. There were no fatties. I mention this because sometimes I really feel like a fatty (I have inherited a genetically big bootay and large calves) - a pear shaped lower body. I'd make a good tight end if I were a guy. At any rate, I notice socially degerate things like what people look like in a 10 mile race. So sue me.

I came away from the deal with two huge, quarter-sized blisters on my arches and some sore leg muscles. So what did I do? Hobbled and rode my new electric razor scooter all over the neighborhood! That scooter saved the day - and did I have a BLAST! It's pretty zippy! Just don't try to carry a latte and a bag and operate the brake and throttle. Backpack required! I am installing a cup holder! :-)

As my kids napped, I hit Home Depot (why? ugh - it was a zoo) and bought some dark puple paint for Indi's room. We (Indi and I) painted one wall very dark purple. She and Aislin both LOVE it! My plan is to stencil something fun on it like graffitie or cartoon characters they like.

There's more folks! Thanks to Gramma B for buying the girls a swingset for their upcoming birhtdays. The excitement level in those kids was thru the roof! It was so sweet to witness. Here is a video of Indi riding her swing for the first time. Of course putting the thing together wasn't finished until dark - but it all got done before bedtime! The video is bad - very dark, but the audio is enough to raise the dead. Unadulteratled blissful joy. Sounds like a good Memorial Day to me!

3 explorers in an expanding universe:

Laura S said...

Way to go on finishing the 10-miler in such rocking time. From running newbie to awesome racer in one year! You inspire me. Also, give Joshua's thanks to Grandma B for the swingset. I know he enjoyed it as well.

Roxanne said...

you are a rock star and blew my time away, I bow to you oh running goddess :) You look great crossing that line!! I wanna see the purple wall and Anni also give kudos to Gma B for the swingset :)

Lola said...

Wow! The best I can do is running to the refrigerator in two seconds, flat. Way to go!