Friday, May 2, 2008

Art at any age

Indi holding Ais's artwork.

My kids have the great opportunity of participating in a Kids-only art show at The Gring Cafe in Lincoln Square. We had a fab time making our collages. Both girls started by cutting up old slick newspapers into squares. Sketched out a real shape and then glued the paper to white cardstock paper along the shape they just drew. They then colored in the space around the subject using oil pastels. Finally, they covered the entire painting in gel gloss. Indi was fascinated that the gel gloss went on white but dried clear!

We hit the road to check out the display at Grind Cafe. Indigo was so excited when she walked in proclaiming "there it is!". We also saw some art from some of our other friends. I'm so proud.

3 explorers in an expanding universe:

Roxanne said...

How exciting- I cannot wait to go see thw girl's work!! Maybe today?

Kim and Chris Wheaton said...

Wow! Those pictures are great!
You have some budding artists on your hands. They are wonderful!
I love your post from the field trip to the burbs. I just read it and it cracked me up! :)

Laura S said...

Those are really cool! You need to help me organize some neat art projects for Joshua. He isn't that into art, but our only projects are drawing with markers ;).