Sunday, November 16, 2008

On Blue Island

Blue Island, IL is not an actual island. At least not to my knowledge. I met my big brother, Scott, there for 'awesome tacos' at Mario's Tacos. I, formally, met my bro for the first time when I was 24. Before that I had no idea he even existed. He was adopted out of our family before birth. We share the same mother and father. I'm shocked that my family could keep such a crazy secret the whole time.

I hadn't seen my brother in 10 years or s
o - although we corresponded between then and now a little. In the time that has passed we both had kid(s). It is extremely interesting, to me, to see photos of him as a kid. And his daughter, my niece, Chloe. She looks like us (and a lot like her Mom)! He, however didn't . I was surprised!

So what is my brother like? He's smart, educated, witty, a tad cynical, helpful, a cautious driver - and has good hair. He has a great sense of humor. But, as he disclosed, rarely laughs aloud, due to his "comedic training". Thing is, he's no longer a comedian - just a schmo like the rest of us. Don't worry he laughs. He has the wrinkles to prove it ;-). Ok, he is my brother after all AND it is fun to be a little snarky toward siblings.

We had a interesting lunch and visit walking and talking around Blue Island. We eventually ended up at a Jamba Juice (he'd never been there). It was kinda like a date. Sharing info about our lives and families. Is it too weird to say that? Who cares.

Raise a low-cal smoothy with shots of immunity and energy for my big bro, Scott.

BTW, he has a blog - and it is "very him" - witty, snarky and funny.

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Lola said...

Wow! It sounds like there are many interesting stories wrapped around this post. And I love that you used the word "snarky." Love that word.

Scott said...

I used to be worried that we'd wind up on Oprah...but since it felt like a date, now I'm worried that we'll wind up on Springer.