Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Starbucks Rock

I live in a big city - Chicago. I live a nice neighborhood. Residential. The Starbucks I most frequent in Lincoln Square deserves some props.

First off, if the line is long at this Starbucks - no worries. It always moves fast. They always get my coffee right (or correct it happily if they don't).Check Spelling
Most importantly - the other day I ordered a Signature Hot Chocolate (I think there is Crack in it - very addictive - I'm a coffee-girl all the way - get the unadvertised "Short"). At any rate, I didn't have my wallet but didn't realize it until I ordered and had to pay. I told them "I'll come back later". They said, "don't worry just pay us next time you're here". I was like wuh? Huh. So I did. I have yet to be back there but when I do I will definitely pay! Mind you this was an employee, not the manager. Tasha is the manger there and she is Fab! She's donated coffee and pain-in-the-butt-to-make hot cocoa to Artsmart (she's the bomb). AND she let the Amazing Mama Race participants come in and read Dr. Seuss to the public.

They've given me discounts in the past when I've told them I want to get a grande latte but only have $3 --- they do some magic (apply an employee discount or something) and all of sudden I have a Venti latte for $1.47. I'm not complaining.

Oh one more thing. My favorite employee at this Starbucks is a man I've known since he was a kid (about 5). He's a man now, but I still refer to him, adoringly, as "Danny". He's a fine man - and has on many, many occasions - bought my coffee - or comped it. What a guy! He usually does it at the right time too (crazy day, need a boost, etc). Don't worry, he's married - we just have an old, old connection. Danny Leonard Rocks!

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LiteralDan said...

Wow, I didn't know places like this existed-- it's good to know that even as part of a giant, faceless chain, a store can have its own identity and connection to the community.

I should send my wife there some time. She loves Starbucks, and there are definitely some out there that aren't so great.

Plus, recently she got to the new one in Waukegan about 3 minutes after a gunman fled with some trivial amount of cash, barrel still smoking. She could use some "just pay us tomorrow", you know?