Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Want to Be Exceptional

I want to be exceptional. Don't we all? Well there is a journey that needs to occur in order to get there. Otherwise we haven't paid our dues and don't deserve to be there. And can we actually claim that we get "it" unless we've had to jump some hurdles along the way or flubbed an opportunity? It's the big picture that counts. It's how we handle our losses that differentiate exceptional from ordinary.

One of my short term goals is to become a group fitness instructor. I really like exercise, working hard is my personal gift. I also like exercising with other people and encouraging them. Getting an extra squat jump out of someone ready to give up. Getting unfit people to move and enjoy their movements! From an employment perspective, the job doesn't pay much. However, there is a lot of job satisfaction. We can philosophize about the ratio of job unhappiness with compensation later. For now, it's about me. Because it's my blog.

I had my very first group fitness audition ever. I practiced and practiced. I showed up on time., made special shorts with a star on my booty so I'm easy to see. I showed up for the audition waaaaaaay more nervous than any time in my life. I have other stressors going on in my life and I thought that if I bombed that everything else would fall apart. It still might. I haven't ruled that out. But I digress (as usual).
How did I do? I was asked to "practice and come back next week". Chris Silva, Women's Workout World Area Fitness Director was a class act. She, convincingly, told me what they were looking for and that I had great potential. So I didn't completely flop. I just need to clarify to her that I can indeed lead my own class. That's a huge responsibility and in my opinion a GREAT opportunity. If I nail this I can build the credibility I need to reach out to woman and men about fitness and self esteem in general. It's a natural fit for me. It's a journey.

The photos were taken right after my audition (I was sweaty) but it's real. That's a real smile on my face - and although I don't have the characteristic "gym body" I am strong and have great endurance.

I want to be exceptional. If I fail, I'll keep going. That's what real leaders do (even if I bitch about it). I know I can do it.
So watch out for me. - perpetually the underdog. All 5'2 of me.

Growing isn't easy but it's definitely interesting and will have you on the edge of your seat.
After all that positive talk, feel free to give me a hug when you see me. We all need bolstering. :-)

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Scott said...

Holy cow! Look at those arms! Let's spar!