Sunday, May 17, 2009

In the Class of M

I wouldn't call myself a daredevil. I'm not one of those people who are the first to bungee jump, sky dive or eat exotic food. Those things appeal to me but I don't "need" them. I'm just "fun".

One thing that I've always loved was motorcycles. I like the speed, I like the open air and being outside. I've owned 2 motorcycles - A Honda Twinstar 200 and a piece-of-crap-Yamaha 650. I really like the power of the 650. The size of the 200 suited my 5'2' frame a bit better. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child I realized that there was no way I was going to be riding a motorcycle for at least awhile. A pregnant woman on a motorcycle, in any capacity, is like seeing a pregnant woman smoke a cigarette. They just don't mix.

Here I am with kids - NOT pregnant- and ready to make good on my badass dreams. I played it safe this time, like a grown up. I entered into Motorcycle riding School for a weekend (there was one other woman in the course, the other 30 were men - a safe place to pick up men if you're single). Early Friday AM I took the roadtest and am, again, a card carrying member of the M-class driving license!

Now to find a suitable bike! It's killing me! I've got a limited budget. I feel if I don't get something I'll bust! I imagine myself riding to my plein air painting locations on the motorcycle and running around on weekends. I'd give the kids rides down the alley too (with helmets). It's a freedom song. A dream fulfilled with every ride. I could easily do motocross too. I have no problems trying to jump dirt hills and gaps in the road. I'd have to be taught how to do it but it's extremely appealing to me.

There are other things I really like too. I like exercise. I like fitness, the hard work of training and pushing thru the fatigue and mental mania that accompanies it. But really only in an athletic environment. I push thru the mental anguish of caring for kids as they whine and demand me all day. But the latter example is a huge drag. I love my kids so I do it. Probably because I don't see the benefit of such a "work out". A work over is more like it! It must affect a different part of the brain. Exercise produces endorphins which is said to energize you after a workout. I get it. I experience it. But it's not as good as a liquor buzz, orgasm or frankly, a well timed, can't-hold-it-any-longer cathartic pee. I know, I know, there are other benefits to raising children. Yes, they are a joy and I'm very blessed and grateful that I am a Mom. But on the realistic side, it's darn hard work. Guess it just tastes different from other pleasures - but I like it.

I digress, again. But that's why I have this blog.

So far, here is what I like. Haven't bought it, think I need more power. But she sure is pretty:

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Roxanne said...

You and Jason both, he just got his learners permit here to drive a pikipiki (motorbike) I am not feeling so great about him driving around on one but SO MANY people here have one & they use way less gas....I just always remember my friend's mom who worked in the ER calling them careful girl, only if you wear a helmet to protect that pretty head of are pretty hardcore though....go girl!

Justin said...

You deserve it. Can I get you a Hello Kitty sticker for your helmet? Because that would be TOTALLY cool!