Friday, May 22, 2009

Let there be cow.... costumes!

Reach for the sky! I'm not holding you up Gunsmoke style. Now that I have your attention!

My life, lately, has been just a crazy, dense mass of new things and projects with deadlines. Too busy. A friend Facebooked me a one sentence qauestion. I gave him a 4 paragraph reply. Ugh, am I due for a blog post! I do like to remain busy and love new experiences, even if they often scare the tar outta me. You never really find the courage, you just go for it and gain confidence. But initially it's all guts. I digress (again).

I realized I was waaay too busy when I started feeling anxious because life would happen and I couldn't follow my plan scheduled. So I'm cutting back. The kids will soon be out of school and my personal time will be even less. One fun thing I had the opportunity to do was make 13 cow costumes! I dug back into my pattern making arsenal and created a great pattern for said costume. I shopped the fabric, made the pattern, trued the pattern, cut fabric, stitched the costumes together, hot glued on a zillion sparkly cow spots and pink bellies - and sewed the perimeter of each hem with a little tutu. Only after making 8 of them did I realize that the base garment can be made from an over sized tee shirt with the sleeves cut off. Whole lot cheaper too! To my credit, I didn't buy more base fabric I merely ordered tees and followed my revised plan. I had to aggressively starch the tees so they firmed up a bit. I felt like June Cleaver and was thankful for the slave-wage technology that brings non-iron button down shirts. What a Killer App!

Indigo's play is this Thursday and all the costume bits and pieces are in. They are cute, they are comfortable. Most importantly, they are done! Next! More exciting adventures and new experiences to tell ya about. So stay tuned. There's a big philosophical one coming to start chilling your beers.

P.S. The "Wackadoo Zoo" Primary grades Operetta was a sell out, smashing success. They received a standing ovation. I must say I was impressed with the vocal projection! Way to sing it loud and proud kids! I,especially, grew quite fond of a little calf in the side front, small than the others, who so convincingly acted kitty-like (that was their shtick). A kitty-calf! Indigo is a shining gem in my crown of life. I love her so much and am so proud!

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Roxanne said...

of course you made a bazillion cow costumes..YOU ROCK! Indi looks sooo big! Way to go Indi (and Beck)!