Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Working Out How to Work it Out

I had a good day today. I didn't win the lottery. But I did get something for free.

First off, my foot is injured - the arch - and I've been resting it. It's tough. I like to do bouncy, cardio exercise classes. I've been grounded! gmmmff. Although I did what I could in class. I modified my bouncy movements with others- mostly squat stuff (tougher on the legs, easier on the joints). At any rate, it's irksome being injured and has dampened my mood. For those of you who work out regularly, being told to "rest" is the kiss of death! Anything but that.

Today after the gym I shopped with my buddy and fellow strongwoman , Emily Haight (keep kickin' butt Em), for some parting Preschool/Kindergarten class gifts. We hit the local dollar store and scoured for items that fit a "beach" theme. We scored! On the way out, a postman in a truck took care to let me know that the star I was wearing was the nicest star he's seen in awhile. Thanks, I said. Then I realized he was talking about my booty. (Duh, I need to get out more often). Sidebar: I made the shorts for my first Turbo Kick audition so I'd be easily noticed by those whom I was instructing (women).
I thought it would be a fun bucket stuffer for the kids to get a free lunch at a neighborhood sandwich shop. After Ais and I had lunch, I waited for the counter to clear and then asked for the owner, who was not there, then asked the manager if they would donate 37 kid lunch certificates for a PreK and K graduation gift bucket. They said "sure, I'll have it for you Thursday after 5." Wow, that was easy as pie! Easier. So snaps to Costello's Sandwich Shop in Lincoln Square for being so generous. I'd like to remind you all that they also generously donated sandwiches and kids meals back when we did The Amazing Mama Race! (I miss Rox). Patronize them. The meatball sandwich is my favorite.

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Roxanne said...

Way to go girl, never doubt your power of persuasion :) . I miss you too, more than you know right now.