Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Being a Whiner is better than being a Whino

It's been a busy month for me, Wow! Here is a small recap of what I've been up to. Disclaimer: Yes, I KNOW some of these things have nothing to do with me, directly. They were taking up psychic space nonetheless.

I was trapped in the house when the kids got sick with 5th Disease and ear infections. We played lots of games and watched loads of cartoons (PBS only of course)

I participated in the 4th annual Plein Air Painters of Chicago Exhibit

I solicited and wrangled food and beer donations for above exhibit (drink Goose Island Beer and shop at Trader Joe's)

I solicited more donations for the upcoming Project: ARTSmart Gallery 4300 on 5/3

I taught the last session of Artsmart for this year

My friend, Laura, after having GD and mandatory c-section for her first baby was a rockstar and delivered a bouncing baby boy no problemo. And she now looks great in all of her photos (biotch)

My Dad died.

All my 5th and 6th grade art students made homemade condolence cards for me (they were so sweet and funny)

I wrote an obituary which my sisters didn't use

I ran the Shamrock Shuffle

I continued to train for a 10 miler in May

I prayed diligently for my mother-in-law who had a breast tumor removed

I went to Damato's bakery and spent $55 on chocolate shell canoli (best ever) and Italian cookies (for family in town for the funeral)

I attended 4 kid birthday parties

I ate 3 cheeseburgers w/ fries at Rockwells (favorite local burger) on different nights

I got my hair colored really, really blonde

I had an 8th grade boy tell me he was going to make his art project the color of my beautiful eyes

Qwelled my fervent desire for inclimate weather and being in it - and those caught up in the maelstrom. It would take a direct blow to cut me loose.

There were many other aggravating and delightful factors and situations related to the above. All I can say is that if this keeps up "impending doom" may be more fun than usual. On the bright side I did get a tax refund. Thanks for allowing this constipated brain dump. Too bad I'm still full of shit!

PS - Blogger formating BLOWS

2 explorers in an expanding universe:

Laura S said...

Glad that you are able to get some of your psychic stuff out there. I hope the kiddos are better.

Lola said...

Blogger formatting totally blows. Thanks for the shout out on your made me feel like a rock star for a minute! I hope everything is good with you and I'm sorry I haven't been in touch lately. It seems like it has been a hectic month for you. Can't wait to hang out soon, girl!