Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fun Runnin' - Kids RULE

I blew off plein air painting to run for the lives of Kids this morning. My daughters and I participated in the Pilgrim School Kids' Care Fun Run. It supports Pilgrim's Kid Care; an organization of kid volunteers that makes food and meals for homeless kids in Chicago. Did you know the average age of a homeless person in Chicago is 9 years old? Shocking! I'm moved by the compassion of the kids. It's good to start young.

I'm so proud of my daughter for running her heart out in the 400 yard kid's dash. When finished she said
"Phew, that's a long way, I'm tired!".
I know just how she feels! I ran with the grown ups in the 5K. I came in just around 27 minutes! Not too shabby for an old geezer like me. I was completely outpaced by a gaggle of 5th graders (Ok, all of them).
It's a blast running with kids. They are easily encouraged and have lots of energy. And they don't really complain. I loved going through the tunnels or under bridges and whooping it up just becuase there was an echo in there. All the kids were doing it! Copious high-fives were cheerfully distributed by me along the route. Had I done this with adults I'd be getting sideways glances (haters!). The students at Pilgrim are a fantastic bunch. I'm so glad that I know them (from teaching Artsmart). It's a blessing.
I'd like to thank my love handles, big booty and thunder thighs for getting me into the gym every morning. I'd also like to thank my heart - who decided to keep on beating despite ridiculous amounts of overexertion. You guys are the best!

It was a muddy, cloudy, misty morning but we had a great time! Despite their great encouragement, I'll soon have to say goodbye to love handles or give them a stern talking to. Or just accept reality and name them - they've been with me so long ;-)

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Lola said...

What an awesome thing to do with the kids! Go girls.

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Roxanne said...

the video is precious- it looks so dreary that day! Great job ladies!