Thursday, April 24, 2008

Interesting Observations

I had some interesting observations today while driving out to the burbs. My 1 year old and I volunteered to be chaparones on my oldest daughters field trip to the Kohl Children's Museum in Glenview, IL. The major highway (The Edens - 94 to you purists) has just begun a major construction project. Being resourceful we drove the side roads. Here's what I found out there in "happiness-land" (aka the burbs):

Yes, is April 24, 2008 and this sad sap finally decided to toss the live Christmas tree. Shocking that it actually lived for so long!

Next... nothing says "Happy Mother's Day!" like a new wheel chair or walker. If you can't read the signs in the window of this Medical Supply store in Glenview it reads: "Mother's Day Special - Lift chairs, Walker Specials, Scooters". Geesh - nothing like having kids to make you crippled in your old age! I was tempted to stop in and check out the deals!
Of course, I also observed more than one car turning out of the forest preserve at 9am. What the heck are people doing in a Forest Preserve before work on a weekday? I'll note two cars were waiting to turn out of a forest preserve. Both cars contained male drivers. They looked like they were dressed for a job or work in an office - in moderately priced cars. Still is makes me wonder. I mean shudder.
OK, let the cuteness ensue. Need I say more than the 1000 words this photo provides. Ahh, all in the day's work of mothering -- no forest preserve required.

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