Monday, November 19, 2007

Harassed by a Sneeze

For those of you I've been harassing to view Steve Sneeds' blog "The Sneeze", I do not apologize. It's freaking hilarious! Oh, where to begin. I laugh out loud many times. Yes, he does swear like... well, like a guy. But his insights are spot-on. My favorites are "Steve, Don't eat that", and of course "Tree Brain ". I'm conspiring to get into the band (it's imaginary and they don't play actual music so I've got a shot). No I will not be a groupie of an imaginary band. But either way I'd be so rock n' roll. All this to say, - There! I've officially plugged the sneeze on my blog. If you want to wet your pants later or let slip some gas from frantic laughter, check it out. Of course, fill me in on your favorites so we can laugh together!

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