Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sound of Thunder -- thighs that is!

Before & After
I came across an old photo of me after I had Indigo (I made the top). Holy hips! (was I really that big and no one told me, except my sisters oh-so-lovingly - "fatbutt"). Well, times have changed. I lifted weights with my favorite program (Body Electric) for 6 months. I did this because it was easy and I didn't even change out of my everyday clothes. It wasn't a sweaty workout, just a little sphitzing - misting. Then I joined Weight Watchers and gradually lost 15-20 lbs over 6 months. Now I am nearly a Lifetime Member! Woohoo. I still lift weights and exercise consistently. I've found that it is a huge energy boost. Even a little 20 min. work out does that trick that caffeine nor sugar have afforded me. Huge snaps to my friend Nicole Foster, another lifetime member, and employee of weight watchers. I told her to tell me to go. She did, I went and here I am - 12% less of me that is. Yeah Nicole. You can even check our her blog!

Lots has changed since my days being "hippy"! Although back then I walked everywhere (I wasn't eating bon bons, just nice meals and wine...oh how I love to eat)! I feel that building muscle slowly was the key for me. Then blasting the fat away with a modified diet (WW). At any rate, I look much slimmer. Although -- I felt comfortable with my body back then anyways. Here's to all you ladies working hard after having had yo babies. Hang in there and don't be afraid to lift weights. Body electric is on everyday - Channel 20 (WYCC TV) @ 2pm.
Oh, and the best part. My 15 year old neice gave me a pair of her old size 6 jeans this weekend. They fit great and are hip. They will be in high rotation. Thanks Puff (nickname for my neice - she had big, puffy cheeks as a baby)

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Anonymous said...

Great! Now if I could only get you to grow a couple inches taller, I would be more happy to take your old size 8's off your hands. Just kidding, you look awesome Beck!!


Roxanne said...

you look fab! you should be a spokes person for BE- everytime i talk to you I heard plugs for it :) start getting paid!! I miss our runs too!
Kudos (or maybe carrot sticks) to you for working so hard and looking so grand!!

Laura said...

Wow! You've got it goin' on, girl! I hope I can still fit into my size 6 jeans after my baby. If not, they are yours...even the sexy jeans with the white stitching from Loehmann's!

Barbara said...

You are looking great and your art work is fantastic, whats next on the list?

Laura S said...

Congrats Beck! You do look great. Thanks so much for being my kick in the butt to do Body Electric. I need size 8s by the way and I am short (hint hint). Since you know 2 Laura's I will be the Studeester!

Greg, Nicole, and Charlotte said...

Wow, I get props on your blog!!!!!! And wow, you look fantastic!!!! It is really amazing to see before and after shots to see the difference. I know I couldn't see my weight loss difference until I looked at photos. (BTW, I was at WW on Sat. and sent you a postcard!!!)

Lola said...

Hey girl! I just tagged you for a "get to know you" game on my blog. Check out my blog for details...hope you don't mind as it seems pretty fun and similar to the questionaires we have all been filling out on the Internet this week.