Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Birthday Bombon!

Today I had a, much needed, ladies lunch! Roxanne, Laura Mc –G and I headed out to River West for some fabulous, fresh Mexican food at Café Bombon. It’s a great little spot cheerfully and creatively decorated. The overhead menu is written on old wooden doors, painted with white and chalkboard paints (clever recycling). Roxanne, not being a big sweets girl, was greeted with a special birthday guacamole (which she totally loves – she might even put it on a cupcake to make it taste better). The whole place sang to her and she got a free cupcake! I can’t take Roxanne anywhere without her winning something!

We fashionable gals had a fun time catching up and looking great - if I say so myself. Of course, we all LOVE food and loved to have an excuse to pig out (we were modest this time). Our little divas were with a babysitter whilst we celebrated. They all had a good time too! Laura brought her kid along with her (again, sigh). Just kidding. She just has a tiny baby bump. You can't even tell she's prego in the photo. Way to go Laura McG! And way to show us all how to look fab in our 20's Wox! You're purple tights and high boots were so rock n roll.

If you’re ever in Pilsen or near the United Center be sure to check out Bombon. They also have an excellent Mexican Latte. I hear the cakes are better over in Pilsen but there is an nice selection at the Ashland/Monroe location. On the savory side, I always get the cuitlacoche quesadillas (corn mushroom quesadillas. There a weird fungus that grows on corn. It's really ugly, but they hide it in a quesadilla and it tastes great - even for you unadventurous eaters, try it).

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Roxanne said...

I had a blast- it was sucha nice treat- thank you again- you are an amazing friendy and you are always fab!