Saturday, November 24, 2007

Painting Plein Air Update

Greetings friends!
I wanted to take a moment to update you on my painting progress as well as show off the work of some new friends of mine. If any of you are interested in painting outside on any given Saturday, please join us; The Plein Air Painters of Chicago.

You can view some of the great paintings of the group at Penny's Noodle Shop on Diversey near Sheffleild. I, personally, don't have any hanging there yet. They are all on display in my kitchen. Mosey on over anytime to the Anstee Galley Gallery - I'll even froth you a cuppacino and sprinkle it with love.

The painting above was done by yours truly at the intersection of Lincoln and Eastwood in Lincoln Square. I was so excited to be on my home turf. Snaps to Stuart Fullerton who let me have a crack at choosing the location. It was a long cold morning and my paints did not freeze. Although what a lonely scene. My pal and fabulous painter, Nancy Albrecht, gave me the advice to lop off the left 1/4 of my painting to make it more interesting. Well, I followed her advice and viola. I think she was right! I glued the lopped off piece to a fancy card and am sending it to her in the mail. The next photos are my favorites of the morning. They all are fabulous (and for sale). But I don't want to bore you all with paintings.

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Roxanne said...

wow, you are getting good, like really good! You go girl, i should nab one up before your become a seriously sought after & moody artist! Great work!!

K said...