Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Littlest Gymnast

My precocious 4 year old daughter, Indigo, had her very first gymnastics meet this past Sunday. She was invited to be part of the Peterson Park Gymnastics Center’s team this year. I asked “Coach Jillian” the criteria for them inviting her. They said, body type. Hmmm. $160 later Indigo is officially coiffed in a fancy mandatory “team leotard” and warm ups.

The meet was a neat experience for all of us. It took Indi all of 10 seconds to complete her “pass”. I’m so proud of her! She had a lot of fun with the other gymnasts and was very friendly to her competition. A true diplomat! Look out Condoleza! Grandma B, Auntie Ab, and Nick were there to cheer her on as was Gramma and Grandpa Anstee! A great showing!

Gymnastics is a wonderful way to build core strength and coordination. The skills will transfer to any sport one wishes to pursue. This very moment Indigo is practicing her cartwheels on the living room carpet (not quite there yet)! I will add lastly that Aislin is a very brave, and coordinated toddler! She loves to climb and is already standing on her head while kicking a leg into the air! I think she may be more of a natural than Indi. I will enroll Ais in a mom and tot gymnastics class this Winter. I can’t wait. She’ll LOVE it! Simple pleasures.
Here’s a video of Indi’s very first gymnastics tumbling pass.

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I love it! Sparkly leotards are the best!