Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Winter Water Fun

We had a wonderful time with the Engstrom Family at Grizzley Jack's water park near Starved Rock State Park. An easy, 90 minute drive from Chicago! The girls had a wonderful time. Aislin and Annikah Engstrom are kissing buddies. It was so stinkin' adorable! Annikah was a real daredevil thoroughly enjoying the water slides by herself! Indi's adventurous spirit must have kicked in sometime since August because she too was raring to go into the wave pool, jumping with each swell! I took her into the deeper water and we were in the thick of the wave mosh pit with all the tweens! Grizzley Jack's also has a nice indoor Amusement Park for kids.

Indi and Ais both enjoyed their first amusement park rides. That is until Aislin dropped a stink bomb and we had to get out of there pronto! Murphy's Law kicked in and the shuttle bus was literally loaded to capacity with passengers. All choking on the black fog emanating from Aislin's diaper. Yep, Aislin does it again. Nearly a weapon of mass destruction. We were dropped off first :-)

Snaps to my good friend, Roxanne, who took superb and generous amounts of photos of the fandamily. She also is a sista as I wasn't in any them (in my bathing suit). Phew, dodged that bullet. Of course, Rox looks great. If you like what you see you can check out her blog (see link to the right). I highly recommend Grizzley Jack's Resort and Starved Rock.

2 explorers in an expanding universe:

Roxanne said...

Thanks God for cropping and zooming (I cropped my generous bootay right outta there). You looked fab in yoru suit, you are a hottie Beck!!! It was great to spend time with you all, although you may need top strap a air freshner to that Ais next time :)

Beck said...

Thanks Rox. I think I should carry around a hypnotizing chain. "you are smelling roses, when I clap my hands you will wake up and remember a beautiful baby smelling like flowers". Of course in the two seconds it takes to depart they all be hit with the waft of horror!